Every Entrepreneur should FAIL Forward

The difference between success and failure is only the amount of times that an entrepreneur keeps pushing forward.  So many times along the journey of building what is this wonderful platform, came with many times of near giving up.  I would be lying if I said that every step of this journey has been easy.  It hasn't been.  It's been filled with moments of immeasurable stress, countless tears and sheer relief when things finally come together and are in sync.  Successful entrepreneurs meet each challenge, disappointment and failure with new opportunity and chance to try again... that's the only difference between the two.  Without tenacity and perseverance, nothing new or innovative would be achieved, and we should celebrate those FAILURES as meeting the challenge.

Details takes on Vegas at the Wedding MBA

The Wedding MBA Conference is the highly anticipated wedding event of the year.  It introduces the newest in technology, boasts wedding celebrity speakers and the newest in trends.  It's energized, exciting, and the marketplace floor is filled with the latest and greatest in marketing opportunities and game changing technology.  This year, Details Flowers' CEO Corrine Heck will be presenting to Floral Designers about How to Grow their business and what leading florists do differently then their competition to stand out as the best.

Girls mean business at the Boss Lady Retreat

There's nothing like having good girlfriends to rely on or bounce ideas off.  That's why I love my local community of Ormond & Daytona Beach.  We have the best culture of well-rounded lady friends in all kinds of industries.  We are blessed to be an entrepreneurial leader in our community-- and as Details grows-- we are helping women business leaders get a handle on all of their business components.  When the ladies of IdeaDinners asked me to be a guest speaker for their 1st annual retreat, I of course said Yes!  It's not every day that you get to talk business over dinner and good wine, then settle down into an all out pillow fight over Game of Thrones and politics.  I am honored to learn, teach and grow at this event.  If you are interested in attending, you can apply here!

Wedding MBA

Have you been to the Wedding MBA Conference?  Well, if you haven't been yet-- you should go!

Details appears on Fox35 Orlando

Here is our video for our first appearance on Fox35 after winning the Rollins Venture Plan Competition.  Thank you Amy and Cari Coats from Rollins!

Meet Corrine in New Orleans

We are excited to announce that our founder Corrine Heck will be traveling to New Orleans to participate in the The Flower Collective Group 2016 Symposium January 18-20th.  She will be presenting our software platform on Wednesday the 20th at 9:00 am and demonstrating how we are changing the floral industry and helping floral designers to better manage their events, send proposals, and order product.

Fleurology 2015 with David Tutera in Los Angeles!!

What a wonderful time I had presenting our floral software, Details Flowers, to the countries leading event designers & floral artists in Los Angeles last fall.  It has been wonderful getting to know so many fantastic designers that continue to inspire me to Dream Bigger.  Thank you to David Tutera for being so generous with all of the ladies, and instilling the confidence that we shouldn't be afraid to 'Dream Bigger'!   Lots and love to the wonderful friendships I made over the course of three days.  Looking forward to next year!