39th Annual SAF Congressional Action Days

Details Founder & CEO, Corrine Heck, just returned from her trip to Washington D.C. where the Society of American Florists presented some important to our nation’s leaders at the 39th Annual Congressional Action Days. Of the many important issues for the multi-billion dollar floral industry to consider, this year the SAF lobbied Congress on four key ones:

Details CAD

The Women of Details Flowers Software

Today is International Women's Day & we thought it would be a great opportunity to celebrate the incredible women here at Details Flowers Software! We laugh, we grow and we BLOOM together 5 days a week with lots of coffee, daily team meetings + hot tea for Amanda ;)

There's Nothing Holding You Back


When I started in my career search so many years ago, I really didn’t know what I wanted from this life.  Like many young people, I was floating along and searching for the “perfect job” that pays the bills and made me feel good.

As a creative, it’s not a coincidence that I landed in the floral industry right out of college.  I knew someday I would become a floral designer and produce gorgeous weddings featured in all the big magazines.  After two years of answering phones and sending orders, I was anxious to finally design so I asked my employer to move me to the design floor.  To my surprise, he told me to put my design dreams to rest. He said I was better suited taking orders by phone.

Details Flowers & Petal It Forward

What an exciting morning at the Details Flowers office! With smiles donning our faces, we quickly wrapped up beautiful bouquets to give and share for SAF's Petal It Forward. We'll tell you, there is no better way to start the morning than feeling the anticipation and excitement of bringing a gift of happiness to a friend, colleague, or even a complete stranger! This is one gift that has the power to turn a frown into a smile. We could not wait to get there, but first, bouquet making! 

Petal it Forward: Details to Join National Campaign

If you’ve ever been the recipient of a random act of kindness, you know the euphoric feeling a good deed can bring and how it often inspires others to do the same. 

Details Flowers Petal it Forward

Whether it’s a paying for the next person’s coffee or an unexpected gift, random acts of kindness are contagious. On Oct. 11, florists across the country are joining in and randomly surprising strangers with floral bouquets---one for them to keep and one to share with a stranger, coworker or family member. The national campaign Petal it Forward is being organized through the Society of American Florists. Last year more than 230 florists in 50 states participated in the event. 


New Feature: U.K. Florists Are you Ready to Bloom?

It's official! We heard your request and we are proud to announce that the British Pound has been added to Details Flowers Software to help all of our florists requests in the United Kingdom! 

You've been working 'round the clock building your client base, designing beautiful arrangements, and ensuring that each event is a success, but wouldn't it be great if you had an extra hand in the back office? You've probably scoured the internet for assistance, but no other professional event florist software seemed to do what you need.... until today!  Well, Details Flowers Software is here to answer those requests and help you further grow your business.

New features are always being added and this new feature allows our Florist Friends from across the ocean to see the real benefits that Details Flowers Software has to offer.  Better yet, you can give it a try for FREE! 

welcome to.png

How to Hurricane Proof Your Floral Business

It’s every bride’s biggest fear and every florist’s biggest headache: a Hurricane forecasted to hit on the big day.  As Hurricane Irma threatens Florida weddings across the state are in limbo with many being postponed altogether. Being prepared for a best case and worst scenario is key for keeping your clients calm so you can better manage your floral business.

New Feature: Official documents with E-signature

We are very excited to announce that you can now send contracts easier than ever and receive e-signed proposals in a click.  Customers can view & accept your professionally designed proposals, and officially sign the documents.  With our invoicing feature- your clients will be automatically directed to the payment page once the document is e-signed.

Win 3 months of Details Flowers Software!

We love a good contest!  Once you've won a good contest, you realize how good it feels to WIN something!!  That's why we have contests-- to encourage a spirit of winning and gifting our users with membership!!

Details Flowers Software is Priceless

As the creator of Details Flowers, my family was "rooted" in the floral industry for 30+ years and I was 'raised and blossomed' in our floral industry. An advantage of years of experience is acquiring knowledge and understanding of our floral supply chain. Having owned my own floral shop, worked in online sales and with growers and suppliers; I have been fortunate to learn about our business from so many vantage points. One of the great things about sharing Details Flowers with our community is the ability to bring value to other floral designers. I have heard so many times from our clients that Details is priceless because there is a real understanding of the challenges and needs of floral designers.

New Video tutorials for Details Subscribers

We have been working overtime on publishing some of our most recent updates to our flower software program Details Flowers.  We are excited to unveil some of our new features that will help you with your proposals, contracts, shopping lists, stem counts, and recipes for your flower designs.  Our floral design tool is helping some of the most successful florists in the U.S., Canada & Australia, and it can help you too!

Every Entrepreneur should FAIL Forward

The difference between success and failure is only the amount of times that an entrepreneur keeps pushing forward.  So many times along the journey of building what is this wonderful platform, came with many times of near giving up.  I would be lying if I said that every step of this journey has been easy.  It hasn't been.  It's been filled with moments of immeasurable stress, countless tears and sheer relief when things finally come together and are in sync.  Successful entrepreneurs meet each challenge, disappointment and failure with new opportunity and chance to try again... that's the only difference between the two.  Without tenacity and perseverance, nothing new or innovative would be achieved, and we should celebrate those FAILURES as meeting the challenge.

Details takes on Vegas at the Wedding MBA

The Wedding MBA Conference is the highly anticipated wedding event of the year.  It introduces the newest in technology, boasts wedding celebrity speakers and the newest in trends.  It's energized, exciting, and the marketplace floor is filled with the latest and greatest in marketing opportunities and game changing technology.  This year, Details Flowers' CEO Corrine Heck will be presenting to Floral Designers about How to Grow their business and what leading florists do differently then their competition to stand out as the best.

Say Aloha to Details at SAF this year

When it comes to planning a national floral convention, the folks at the Society of American Florists have the right idea.  Florists know luxury & how to have a great event.  By hosting their convention at the Ritz Carlton in Maui, Hawaii makes traveling 3,500 miles all the more worth it, private tropical island destinations definitely set the tone.  We are excited to participate in this convention as it marks the 132nd time that American Florists are gathering and talking flowers-- and they are going to be wow'ed by the newest and most innovative platform available to them-- Details!

South Poplar Ventures and venVelo Invest in Details Flowers

Some have said that 'closing the first investment deal is always the hardest part of an entrepreneur's journey'.  I choose to whole-heartedly agree with this statement because it's taken me a number of years to get from idea stage to investment.  We still have a long way to go, but to have institutional investors standing behind Details and giving us the go ahead to start making BIG decisions gives me great confidence.  It is hard to stand alone in the idea stage as an entrepreneur with no road map, except a few good books and a college professor friend.  When you are standing alone and battling to keep a dream alive, well, there is only once reason to have those tough days.  Why?  To have great days like today and wonderful PR annoucements!


We've decided to mix it up a bit and have a flower Q&A session LIVE on facebook next week to answer basic about Details, the flower industry, pricing tips and any business questions in general.  Join Us on our business page Details Flowers on Tuesday 9/9 @11:30am where I will be "Talking all the Details" with a fun, interactive session.

Girls mean business at the Boss Lady Retreat

There's nothing like having good girlfriends to rely on or bounce ideas off.  That's why I love my local community of Ormond & Daytona Beach.  We have the best culture of well-rounded lady friends in all kinds of industries.  We are blessed to be an entrepreneurial leader in our community-- and as Details grows-- we are helping women business leaders get a handle on all of their business components.  When the ladies of IdeaDinners asked me to be a guest speaker for their 1st annual retreat, I of course said Yes!  It's not every day that you get to talk business over dinner and good wine, then settle down into an all out pillow fight over Game of Thrones and politics.  I am honored to learn, teach and grow at this event.  If you are interested in attending, you can apply here!

British Flowers Week - Celebrating the Love of Flowers

Would you like to come and venture with me to the other side of the pond? Yes, I am talking about London, England.

Feature: Daytona Beach News Journal

ORMOND BEACH — Corrine Heck has been involved in the floral industry as far back as she can remember.

Florist App Comparison

Leading Flower Wholesaler Mayesh recently did a comparison of all the available flower apps and Details came out on top!

Details appears on Fox35 Orlando

Here is our video for our first appearance on Fox35 after winning the Rollins Venture Plan Competition.  Thank you Amy and Cari Coats from Rollins!

Details Flowers Wins Big!

WINTER PARK, FL (March 25, 2016) – The Rollins College Crummer Graduate School of Business has announced Details Flowers as the 2016 winner of its annual Venture Plan Competition, Central Florida’s very own “Shark Tank” where start-ups battle for funding and mentorship before the region’s top entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

Meet Corrine in New Orleans

We are excited to announce that our founder Corrine Heck will be traveling to New Orleans to participate in the The Flower Collective Group 2016 Symposium January 18-20th.  She will be presenting our software platform on Wednesday the 20th at 9:00 am and demonstrating how we are changing the floral industry and helping floral designers to better manage their events, send proposals, and order product.