Fun & Fresh Friday

Baby's Breath In It's Full Glory

Once upon a time, a tiny flower with a lot of va-va-voom was the star. Welcome to the 1980's, where Baby's Breath stole the show. It was on the ground, in the air, and why not wrapped up in your hair? 

Ok, ok, enough with the cheesy rhymes. We love baby's breath and how it can add a gorgeous ethereal feeling to your floral designs. Some brides love it so much, their whole wedding is covered in it. At Details Flowers, we say to each their own, now & back then. In the 1980's, the petite, white buds reigned supreme! See how they are still champions, from simple to grand, below. 

Flowers Meet Fashion

In today's world, fashion is everywhere including the florist industry. Florists and designers around the world are creating masterpiece designs using flowers. Flower crowns were first introduced in ancient Greece. The ancient Greeks introduced the crown as an honorary award to athletes, army victors, as well as poets and musical contests. The crown was a signified respect and achievement. Since the crown has been introduced, many cultures have adopted the ideals and tradition of the symbolic headpiece. The ancient Chinese traditionally wore the crown, made of orange blossom flowers, at weddings as a symbol of fertility. During the Victorian era, Queen Victoria wore an orange blossom flower crown to her wedding in 1840. After that, the flower crown became associated with the wedding phrase “to gather orange blossoms,” which became associated with the meaning “to seek a wife.”


Fit For A Queen, Flower Crowns Delight

While they may seem to be budding into an extremely popular item on your bride-to-be's checklist, flower crowns are not new. For centuries, these soft, ethereal halos have been worn a-top women's heads. A quick glance into flower crown history shows us that they have been adored by many different cultures for one good reason: they are a symbol of love, fertility, and celebration! So, fellow florists, embrace the crown! They won't be falling from grace any time soon. Check out some of our favorites below! 

A Fall Floral Trend Debunked

Who does not love a great florist Facebook group? It is a great place to learn about new techniques, color trends, and the latest and greatest. However, sometimes things might slip through the cracks that just don't seem right. There was that time when flowers in hat boxes were all the rage, but this particular photo of a new bouquet trend did not quite fit the glamour that flowers in hat boxes expressed.