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Details University: Staying Organized

As florists and event designers, organization is key to keeping your business running smoothly. With multiple events on a weekend - or heck even in a day! What do you do to stay organized? We’ve all been there, working on a huge project then suddenly a new client wants a quote, current clients are calling to make changes to their events, or you really just need to find the Details on that event you have coming up tomorrow!

Own Your Flower Power

As a floral designer you wear many hats. Embrace the #ProfitableFlorist within you with these insider tools created specifically for floral event designers. We all possess hidden potential and it's your inner passion that led you to become a floral designer. It's with the right skill-set that your floral business will bloom. Own your potential by being profitable, organized and priced-right with Details Flowers Software - your personal flower super power.

Made in America

The United States has a long history of driving innovation and producing high-quality products of all kinds. In the modern world, this often looks like software solutions and applications. Details is proud to carry on this tradition by building our platform right here at home, using domestic talent and labor, to deliver a platform to help small business owners in the floral industry thrive in their own right. We have never outsourced any labor or support because we value the talents we have right here and want to support our local community.

Top 5 Proposal Must-Have’s to Wow Every Bride

How do you wow every bride?  Well, you spend a good amount of time getting to know their unique styles and personalities, and then you give that back to them in an impressive presentation to win their business- every time.  We think that these top 5 tips will help to woo those clients, and keep them knocking on your door.  Here they are:

Fake Followers & The Power of Influence

An important part of building a business in the modern world involves marketing it through social media. Potential customers will almost always look to your online presence first to get an idea of who you are, what you offer, and how you operate. Opinions of your product can be largely influenced by how many people appear to be engaging with you online through various platforms.

Making Tech Bloom

What happens when you're passionate about flowers and you turn it into a career? You become a florist. What happens when you add proposals, costs & contracts? You become a business. What if all the administrative work that comes along with being a business owner has your creative mind completely overwhelmed? Where do you go from here?

Introducing Zapier

We have some very exciting news!

Are You a Good Neighbor?

Working alongside florists and event designers in your local community is a great way to generate positive experiences and a profitable floral ecosystem for all. As an entrepreneur, it’s important to support your local community because, after all, it’s where you do business!

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What's in your bucket?

Establishing company values and policies is a key first step in building and maintaining business success in the floral industry and beyond. Creating thoughtful guidelines protects you and your customers, sets you up for ongoing success, and gives you freedom by having a solid foundation to build upon.

Details Flower Shopping

So, let’s talk about what you need to get started! 

5 Traits of Incredible Employees

As your business continues to grow (way to go!), you're going to need to hire employees to help you accomplish your goals. But, where do you even start? The expansive pool of candidates can be overwhelming to begin with, but once you find that select few, you should hone in on a few traits you'd like your future employees to have. Keep reading to learn what 5 traits incredible employees possess!

The Benefits of Automating Your Payment Process

Do you accept credit cards?  Nowadays, it's a pretty normal occurence.  For many florists, it's a necessary everyday need that our clients demand.  For many years, I accepted credit cards without passing along an added fee-- but quickly came to the conclusion that I'd lost a great deal of money to these percentages while only helping my brides add airline miles.  No way!  That's why we've decided to pass along these fees as an expense to the client in the form of Administration Fees that are easy to implement.

Rules with Contracts and E-Signatures?

Having a solid contract in place is a very important aspect to being a successful event florist.  We found that when we had a contract that promoted our professionalism with a great layout, colorful imagery, and great descriptions, our booking percentages increased.  The client always feels more secure knowing that they've hired a professional, and we've felt secure knowing that we had a legal document securing our business.  

But how do you know when a contract is properly in place and that the terms are agreed upon.  Well, the signature is the most common way to indicate that a client has read and agreed to the item and event details. Even if one's signature is so unique and stylized as to be virtually illegible, it's always important to obtain a signature.  But what about e-signature?  As we enhance our features, this has been a "hot topic" and desired feature for busy floral artists.  As our contracts continue to develop it is important to move into paperless electronic formats.  The criteria for what constitutes a signed agreement and "signature" has been substantially broadened.

Details Flowers Software is Priceless

As the creator of Details Flowers, my family was "rooted" in the floral industry for 30+ years and I was 'raised and blossomed' in our floral industry. An advantage of years of experience is acquiring knowledge and understanding of our floral supply chain. Having owned my own floral shop, worked in online sales and with growers and suppliers; I have been fortunate to learn about our business from so many vantage points. One of the great things about sharing Details Flowers with our community is the ability to bring value to other floral designers. I have heard so many times from our clients that Details is priceless because there is a real understanding of the challenges and needs of floral designers.