Deck the Halls with Details! 25% Off Stocking Stuffers Deal

by Details Flowers ● 8 December ● News & Events

With the holidays in full swing, there has never been a better time to elevate your business and gear up for a successful 2023. We want our Dedicated Detailers to be successful, and we have the tools just for you! From now until the end of the year, you can get 25% OFF your first year of a Form Builder, Custom Subdomain URL, and/or any Premium Proposal Themes when you leave us a review on Capterra.

What are the benefits of these features?

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The Form Builder: A robust tool for building out intake forms, feedback surveys, and more. The forms can create events, be hosted at custom URLs, and are mobile-friendly, so your clients can fill them out directly from their mobile devices! The Form Builder is a powerful tool that will allow you to build forms of all kinds to host on your website or send directly to a client using a URL. Through these forms, you can automatically create events in Details that will include the information they provided in the form through data mapping. 

Custom URL: Obtaining a Custom Subdomain URL is a great opportunity to continue branding your company and your growth to success. Instead of having the phrasing '' at the beginning of the URL attached to your Proposal or Form, your company name will be front and center. 

Premium Proposal Templates: We have a wide array of Premium Proposal Templated for you to choose from. Stand out with the wide variety of different themes and layouts. Want more photos in your Proposals? We have many templates that offer more customized image fields.

You can click the link below if you want to leave your review and claim this offer. Once your review is approved (approximately three days), we will send over the coupons for all three features. We can't wait to hear your feedback!


Once you have completed your Capterra review (Or if you've already left a review before), you can leave a Google review to get an extra surprise gift! Click the link below to leave a Google review now, and we will follow up with your gift once Google has approved it. 


We hope you and your team have a wonderful holiday season and thank you for being a part of the Details Flowers community!

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