A Letter from Our CEO Corrine Heck | September 2021

Have you ever had a local competitor copy your work?  Yuck.  I know that there is an old saying “Imitation is the best form of Flattery”, but copycatting always leaves me with a sour feeling about my client and the competitor.  Years ago, I can remember when I would send off a beautiful proposal to a bride, only to have her share it with my competition.  (Eye-roll!)  Admittedly, nothing made me more furious than hearing from that client that they went with another florist that could do “the same thing for cheaper”- yea right!  Undercutting prices and copying are hugely frowned upon in the floral industry, and we all know that the final result is never equal to the original idea. After this happened numerous times, it compelled me to refine my process.  Even though I wasn’t asking for it, I found myself surrounded by people that forced me to Level Up my game.

If you can believe it, this still happens to us today at Details in the software world.  Three years after we launched our signature proposal themes “Blooming & Blossom”, we’ve seen competitor software trying to pawn off our original design templates as their own!  Their copies lack the quality & refinement of ours, yet I am always stunned by the lack of originality and lack of integrity that exists in these new startups.  As artists, it’s hard to not have an emotional reaction to these threats, but as business owners, we must face them head-on.

So what can we do to stop it?  My advice is, Level up your process and don’t look back.  Each time you are tested by your competition, you can come back stronger and perhaps, with a bit of reinvention that sets the bar even higher.  Those early moments of frustration will often turn into greatness you never imagined.  That’s what we are seeing here at Details, and we have hope, faith, and believe that our clients see that too.

In honor of the theme “LEVEL UP your floral business”, we have created brand spanking new proposal themes, templates, and settings for our proposals!  In addition to 3 brand new templates co-designed with Holly Chapple, we’ve added over 1,000+ FREE fonts to help set your brand apart from your competitors, and help you LEVEL UP with each and every proposal you send. For any current monthly account, simply ask us how you can LEVEL UP too-- and a chance to win a NEW IPAD by upgrading to an annual! We hope you find this newsletter jam-packed with Educational Opportunities and Resources to LEVEL UP your business.

Our goal at Details is to help you build a business that you are proud of.  As Albert Einstein once said, “You have to learn the rules of the game.  And then you have to play better than anyone else.” Cheers to being the best floral designers on the planet!

Happy September!



September Newsletter Highlights:

NEW Holly Chapple Exclusive Proposals:

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Holly Chapple Exclusive Proposals + New Proposal Options & Fonts!
We have partnered up with the illustrious Holly Chapple to bring our customers three brand new Proposal Themes. These new themes will feature all-new layouts with additional customizable options allowing Details members to enhance their client's overall vision! These new templates will be released to all of our users next week!

These new proposals, named by Holly herself, are Hope, Faith, and Believe. They come populated with her recent gorgeous styled shoot featuring David Austin Wedding Roses and Theo Milo Photography!

This new feature (with over 1,000 new fonts!!) is only currently available to our previewers, but will be available very soon to every one of our users, no matter what plan they're on! With all the new customization options, every proposal will look uniquely branded to each company's style.


Details Florists' Review Feature:


Florists' Review Features Details in September Issue
Make sure to check out the latest issue of Florists' Review - we're very excited to be featured in the article "Blooming Sales with Wedding/Event Planning Software Programs!" Check out the full article here!


SAF Career Connection Course:


The Elements of a Winning Contract, Sponsored by Details
The Society of American Florists' new Career Connection course, The Elements of a Winning Contract, sponsored by Details, will help you increase your wedding bookings by developing a contract that impresses clients and ensures that your assets are protected. View the full course here!


September Masterclass: 

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Level Up Your Skills: Ways to Set Yourself Apart with Education with Corrine Heck & Calvert Crary
We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting a webinar on September 28th at 2 PM EST with the Executive Director of FlowerSchool New York himself, Calvert Crary. During our webinar, we will discuss resources for education and the importance of education for every skill level in the floral industry, freelancing tips, and hiring designers in the post-COVID era. Register here.


Upcoming October Workshop:


Dallas Workshop with Jenny Thomasson & Heather Waits
Join Jenny Thomasson AIFD PFCI EMC AAF, and Heather Waits on October 11-13, 2021 in floral immersion, learning the steps to ensure success in the building & pricing of fresh and dried wedding florals, creating beautiful compositions for a unique setting. This class will give you everything you need and more to work in wedding floristry, how to design, create and execute with confidence and poise. Learn more about this upcoming workshop here and register to attend!


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Guest Blog by Renee Tucci:
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