A Letter from Our CEO Corrine Heck | November 2021

When November arrives, a sense of relief starts filling my soul and I become filled with gratitude that I’ve made it through another busy wedding season.  Many of my closest friends work in the industry, and it's always fun to connect with them in November to hear their collective sigh.  We did it!

Over the last year, we've had the opportunity to interact with florists (new & old) friends through various events, surveys, chats, calls, and zooms!  It’s been so great to connect with each of you.  We appreciate that you continue to take steps to improve your business and that you choose to partner with us to achieve your goals.  Thank you!  Our commitment to serving our community is a top priority for us.  We will continue to be there to support you every step of the way and look forward to connecting with you more over the next few months - or getting to know you, and your goals.  

I’d also like to thank and welcome our newest partner, Jet Fresh Flower Distributors!!  This company is amazing!  We appreciate their excitement for Details, for exploring tech with us, and also for listening to florists' requests for integration!  We are very excited to share their amazing flowers with our community of amazing florists. Florists, check out Jet Fresh’s new Collection now featured in your Items Gallery.  And Jet Fresh, we look forward to introducing you to our Dedicated Detailers!!  These designers are the coolest on the planet!  We cannot wait to see all the beautiful collaborations made with Jet Fresh’s product line.

From everyone on Team Details (my staff included): thank you for being the very, very best!  Your encouragement, advice, requests, and support over this year have been invaluable. I cannot wait to meet/see/hug/fist-bump you sometime soon! 



November Newsletter Highlights:


Welcoming Our Newest Partner: Jet Fresh Flowers

jetfresh-1We're ecstatic to introduce our newest partnership with Jet Fresh Flowers! Jet Fresh's crew is so much fun, imaginative, and hardworking—their enthusiasm is contagious! We are eager to work with a company that shares our values. Check out our blog where we dive right in and get to know our newest partner.


November Masterclass | Navigating The World Of Freelance Design: Panelist Discussion


Join us on November 16th at 2 PM EST for a panelist discussion about navigating the world of freelance design. The November Masterclass will be our very first panelist discussion on freelancing in the floral industry featuring our CEO Corrine Heck and four expert freelancer guests: Adelena Whittaker Rooney, Parie Donaldson, Jenny Thomasson, and Renee Tucci! Register here!


Participate in our Freelancer Survey!


We are currently conducting a survey to get more familiar with the freelance florists in our community. Our goal is to provide information about a wider scope of freelance opportunities in the future. The deadline for survey entries will be November 12th.

We will be releasing the results from this survey during our November Masterclass on November 16th. This Masterclass will be our very first panelist discussion on freelancing in the floral industry featuring our CEO Corrine Heck and three expert freelancer guests! Click here to take our short survey!


November Tips & Tricks Webinar: New Features


Join us at this month's Tips & Tricks webinar as we explore some of Details' newest features. Learn how these features are helping to save time by streamlining the Proposal process. Register here!



October Masterclass Replay with Jenny Thomasson

We had so much fun participating and creating arrangements here in the office alongside our fellow Details Users and the outrageously talented Jenny Thomasson. Click the link below to see a full recap of the class!
Read the full recap blog here.


The Framework Behind "Framing Floral Techniques" Out Now!

With this design inspiration and reference manual that expands upon techniques in a real-world way, aspiring and seasoned designers will find encouragement to practice and hone techniques by traveling down a direct, step-by-step path. Learn more about Framing Floral Techniques and get your copy today!


October Tips & Tricks Webinar Replay: Hidden Gems

During our webinar, we went through some of the commonly overlooked features in Details that can help you to save time and streamline your proposal process. If you missed it, feel free to check out the replay video anytime!



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