A Letter from Our CEO Corrine Heck | June 2021

Woo-hoo!  🎉  If you think I’m excited because it’s my birthday month, you wouldn’t be wrong. But, what I’m most happy about is seeing more and more events happening around the States, and the opportunity to travel this month to see many of my industry friends!

While you all have been busy booking weddings, setting up events, and creating memories, we’ve been hard at work improving Details, too. From our much-anticipated Form Builder to a mobile-friendly Color Selector, we’re thrilled to share these features over the course of the next few weeks to our beta testers, then to our enterprise, annual, and monthly clients.

We'll sprinkle announcements in upcoming emails, so make sure to check your inbox and get your entire team acquainted with the new tools! 

Along with several new features, we are delighted to host Elizabeth Fisher of Lizzie Bee’s + Floral Mechanics to teach a live Masterclass on Dos & Don’ts of Large Floral Installations. She and I will discuss some best practices, and ways to avoid floral disasters. Elizabeth has engineered some of the biggest and most gorgeous floral pieces, and you won’t want to miss her advice and tips for success. We love to learn and share with the best!

Our hope is that you take advantage of all the resources that our team continually develops, improves, and logs for the future to make the best floral system for you! Around here, we think communication is key, and we are here to listen and grow right along with you. We thank you for your continued support and insights as we unveil these things for you.

Take the time to join us, virtually or in person, and ask questions, introduce yourself, and tell us about your experience with Details. We appreciate our community, and rely on you in the same way as you rely on us!  

Keep blooming,



June Newsletter Highlights:


New Partnership: 


Haus of Stems Irithuriums Now on Details
We are very excited to announce our newest partnership with Haus of Stems! 🎉 Their uniquely crafted botanicals are unparalleled to anything else in the industry, which is why we're thrilled to launch a new collection on the platform to include their beautiful irithurium selection. Members of the platform can browse the Haus of Stems collection directly in the Item Gallery and add any of the blooms to their recipes and events! Learn more about Haus of Stems here.


New Garden Roses on Details: 


Alexandra Farms NEW Garden Rose Varieties Now on Details
Alexandra Farms released NINE brand new Garden Rose varieties and they are now available on Details! These new selections are additions to the Wabara and Deluxe Rose Collections. Alongside three garden roses, they are introducing six varieties of spray roses from breeders in France, Holland, and Japan. Meet each variety in our blog!


June Masterclass: 


The Do's & Don'ts of Large Floral Installations with Corrine Heck & Elizabeth Fisher
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