A Letter from Our CEO Corrine Heck | January 2022

The beginning of the New Year is always so refreshing. Having a new set of goals to achieve, new events to look forward to, and a new set of objectives and ideas to conquer! We hope you are starting the year as enthusiastically as all of us, and that your events are piling up as proposal season is in full drive!

We have so many exciting things planned at Details for 2022! This month we are focused on giving you helpful tips to enrich your year. We have been creating new blogs to help with Tax Planning, Setting Business Goals, Flower Trends for 2022, and How to Best Prepare for Valentines Day Ordering.

Our January Masterclass guest will be Jules Lewis Gibson, the new President & Creative Director of Florists’ Review Magazine! Join us on January 25th at 2 PM EST for an exclusive live event with Jules about the 125 years of Florists’ Review Magazine and all the ways you can get featured in 2022. Make sure to register so you do not miss it!  We've also enjoyed seeing so many of you featured in the latest issues celebrating 125 florists across North America.  Bravo!

Our Monthly Tips and Tricks series this month will focus on our newest feature, The Form Builder! If you have not had a chance to dive in and utilize this new feature, this webinar is perfect to add to your workflow as proposal season continues to ramp up!

Happy New Year! We wish you a very productive January!



January Newsletter Highlights:


January Masterclass Featuring Jules Lewis Gibson, President of Florists' Review Magazine

jan2022Join us on January 25th for a discussion with Jules Lewis Gibson, the President and Creative Director of Florists' Review Magazine. During our class, we will discuss 125 years of Florists' Review magazine, her acquisition of the company, and what they have planned for the future! Register Here!


January Tips & Tricks Webinar: The Form Builder


Join the Details Flowers Support Team lead on January 12th at 2 PM EST for this month's Tips & Tricks webinar about the all-new Form Builder! The Form Builder allows Details Users to create beautiful, branded forms of all kinds for their clients to fill out and map into an event in Details. Now is your chance to learn more about this robust feature and ask any questions you may have! Register Here!


Details 2021 Year in Review


The event season is back, and we can't wait to see florists bring their visions to reality. Details Flowers Software had a tremendous year in 2021! Check out our blog and recap video to see everything we did last year - from events we attended to new feature releases!


Ball Dahlia Week


We are celebrating Ball's Dahlia Week this first week of January! Our partners have exciting new Dahlia varieties that we can't wait to share with you. Garnet, Pink Quartz, Orange Quartz, Moon Stone, and Red Stone are all stunning. Each dahlia is a one-of-a-kind flower! Learn more about these varieties here.



December Masterclass Replay

Last month we had the opportunity to chat with our friend Mike Black, president of Jet Fresh Flowers. We had such an informative conversation all about the current state of the supply chain, exciting happenings at Jet Fresh, and ordering etiquette.
Read the full recap blog here.


Meet Our Educators

Continue growing your floral design and business education by learning from the best! Our featured Educators are successful seasoned designers who are full of helpful tips and tricks - meet them here!


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