A Letter from Our CEO Corrine Heck | April 2021

Can we all let out a huge sigh of relief that we made it through the first quarter of 2021?  Here at Details, we are celebrating the fact that we’ve made it through one heck of a year.  Hopefully, you are finding the blessings within your own businesses, and are moving forward with a greater sense of purpose, hope, and love for all things flowers.

We truly believe that after the last year we’ve all had, it’s more important than ever to stay connected to our community.  It’s so important to understand the changes, challenges, and developments in the floral industry.  As they say, a rising tide lifts all boats, and our commitment to each other throughout the floral supply chain is going to be what helps everyone bounce back even stronger for years to come.

We’ve seen some really encouraging activity on our platform with more and more events happening each and every day!  We've also seen so many comments throughout various social media outlets praising our efforts.  For all of our customers sharing their love for Details with your floral friends- thank you!  We see and hear you!  Unsolicited recommendations are one of the most incredible things to see and feel as an entrepreneur.  Thank you for spreading the word about your good experiences with my team and how much Details has helped your business grow!  We are so appreciative to have your support.  As you know, this kind of support helps us create an even more robust software solution that not only helps your business grow but also the rest of the industry, too.  

It has been my commitment to find unique ways to inspire you, and also make your business more profitable.  We encourage you to participate in our community in a variety of ways.  From free masterclasses with special guest speakers to activities we promote monthly here, to our Facebook community group, or requests for future features, we appreciate every single interaction made.  This type of synergy makes an impact on this floral community that you are a part of and is also encouraging to the people behind the scenes making things happen.  

As we approach our 6th year anniversary of being in business next month, I’d like to thank you for being a part of our community.  It has always been my goal to help florists just like me have a better way to keep track of all the "details" of being an event florist.  I knew that with a focused goal, hard work, and a lot of love, that Details was a possibility.  If a florist like me can make a software platform, then trust me, any lofty, wild idea that you may have is possible too.  Keep believing and never give up!

Thank you for sharing your floral journey with us.

Keep blooming,



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