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Money Saving Tips for Longer Lasting Blooms

We are always looking for ways to keep our flowers looking their best, especially in the heat of the summer.  This past month, we gathered at Flowers Central Wholesale for the monthly meeting of the East Coast Floral Association.  In addition to a great networking and floral community event, Larry Lucas offered some really great tips to the eager florists listening.  It seems pretty simple, but these money saving tips will add days of life to your blooms and keep them looking their brightest.

1)  Proper Temperature is 34 degrees

One thing Larry mentioned, is that when he visits his customers is that "Florists coolers are too HOT!" they are regularly keeping their coolers at the wrong temperature.  Some of his tips were to have your refrigerator serviced regularly.  This small investment will help keep your cooler in shape, but by getting the flowers to the proper temperature-- which is 34 degrees-- they will last longer.  Flowers like high humidity and low temperatures.  If you meet both of these conditions your flowers will last days, maybe weeks, longer.

2) Have low velocity fans

If a florist calls to say that her roses blew open too fast, Larry often sees product sitting directly in the path of high velocity fans.  It's never a good idea if your fans are running too swiftly.  Delicate flowers will open naturally, and high speed fans are a curse to blooms that don't need any added pressure to bloom... they'll do that naturally.

3)  Clean your containers

Dirty buckets & utensils are the cause of diseases and the longevity of flowers.  Dirty, smelly buckets don't only smell bad-- but the flowers can't survive as long.  Keeping buckets washed regularly, and scrubbed between uses, is the best way to for blooms to flourish.  Many wholesalers, like Larry, even open up their professional bucket cleaning service to their florists.  

4) Blockage in stems kills flowers

Once you cut a stem, you have exactly 3 seconds to put it in water before it gets an air blockage in the stem.  This simple exercise will help your flowers last longer.  This lack of water will certainly upset your flowers and cause them to die or droop before they should.  If you have to recut your stems, do it!  You won't regret giving your flowers a fresh cut.

5) Use a good preservative

Preservatives offer the proper sugars & antibacterial agents to help you blooms perform at their best.  Larry recommeds using Chrysal Flower Food, but there are many different brands to choose from.  Giving your flowers the proper food and diet will make them last.  You will notice, and your customer will notice.


Flowers Central opened in 1998 and ship flowers nationally throughout the country to florists of all shapes and sizes.  They are located in Volusia County and have provided beautiful blooms to Details Flowers for over 15 years.  If you have any special requests, their wonderful sales staff is eager to assist in your flower needs.

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