The Benefits of Automating Your Payment Process

Do you accept credit cards?  Nowadays, it's a pretty normal occurence.  For many florists, it's a necessary everyday need that our clients demand.  For many years, I accepted credit cards without passing along an added fee-- but quickly came to the conclusion that I'd lost a great deal of money to these percentages while only helping my brides add airline miles.  No way!  That's why we've decided to pass along these fees as an expense to the client in the form of Administration Fees that are easy to implement.

As a florist, we have so many particulars that come with creating a sizable event, we need to have an invoicing system that works with our business.  That's why the integration of our invoicing feature makes the job even more seamless.  Some benefits:

  • Fast, easy transfers. Once you’re set up, transfers arrive in your bank account next day, with the first transaction typicall taking 3-5 days.
  • Details Payments Online. Sends invoices, accepts payments and records transactions from your invoicing portal and documents them in your payments section automatically.  That means, you can collect payments while you sleep.
  • E-signatures.  Collect date/time stamped PDFs with E-signatures that follow all of the rules of the E-Sign Act.
  • Automate Processes.  With a simple check, the Details invoicing system will send out automated reminders 3 days prior to due dates for you.  This simple reminder makes clients payments easy, and without the hassle/burden of making the dreaded reminder calls.

What are the fees for using our invoicing system? 

We charge a flat percentage-based fee each time you accept a credit or debit card payment that is paid thru Details.  4.15% of the total transcation is deducted from the payment of which 2.9% is paid to Stripe + 1.25% to Details.  With our Administration Fee, you can pass those fees directly onto your clients (if allowed in your state). Please check your state laws for specifics!

Our Promise To You

Details believes that businesses of all sizes deserve to have the tools to be successful. At Details, that means access to honest pricing, cutting edge technology, and world class member experience which is why we have an additional fee.

  • Transparent Pricing – With Details, your transacations will appear on your dashboard and on the Stripe interface, and if you set up reminders via Stripe, you can receive emails every time a client makes a payment.  
  • Outstanding Customer Service – Details' customer service team goes above and beyond for every member!  When you have a question, you can always call our office or send us an email for help! 
  • Cutting Edge Technology – Details believes that in order to process as efficiently as possible, florists need the most up to date technology. We provide our members with only the best and Details' in-house technology team has created the most user friendly flower software on the market.


Click To Watch: How To Set Up Invoicing


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